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Project Description
TinyContainer is a minimal yet powerful Dependency Injection Framework and IOC Container. This was initially written for Silverlight. And we also have a version for .NET 4 and Win Phone 7. And I have future plan for mono

The Philosophy of TinyContainer
The main philosophy behind creating this container is to provide the minimal set of Container functionality for Silverlight and as well as for .net. There are a lot of IOC Containers available. But most of them are having a lot of features which you may not require in most of the cases. I have always looked for a simple and small IOC Container that does most of the frequently used functionality. So as they said the best way to get something you want is to create it, I created TinyContainer.

I want you to help me make it better
It is still in its beta and does requires a lot of work to come as a stable product. If you like the idea of having a very tiny and fast IOC Container with all the frequently used functionalities please do contribute through coding, writing unit tests or simply by reporting bugs.

The Core
At present If you download the source code you can also see in all the way the code works. It is at present having the following functions in the IContainer interface, the main interface of
the project.
  1. Register<T>(object)
  2. Register<T,C>()
  3. Resolve(type)
  4. Resolve<T>()
  5. IsRegistered<T>()
  6. Remove(object)

Please do check the documentation section for method references.

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